Kenny Research Institute

This is Kenzo (but his friends called him Kenny) our faithful, humorous and highly intelligent Akita. He came to us as an 8 week old pup and settled in as though he was always meant to be part of the family.






Last month and with heavy hearts we had to let him go after spending 10 years and 8 months with us. It was devastating to say the least.

My previous career path required long hours, dedication and focus that meant spending less time with Kenny than I liked. It was not possible to have him at work with me as doggie crèches are not known to exist within my employer’s workplace.

It pretty well sucked as this was not an ideal arrangement if an organization wants the best out of their people.

I then thought about so many of my female colleagues, married with young children who are also pursuing a career in science. So many women in the workforce especially in science are faced with the stark choices of having to return to work soon after having their children in order to salvage their careers in what is a highly competitive industry.

Not withstanding the fact that in science the term “job security” is an oxymoron, there are still many women who are passionate about what they do and are willing to stick their necks out.

The predicament I faced has led me to my vision of building the Kenny Research Institute aimed specifically at supporting women in science. In doing so, Australia will not lose a highly educated and talented workforce that is vital to staying prosperous and relevant as a nation. (Take that onboard, politicians of ALL persuasions when you are considering cutting the budget to science and education).

In any endeavor there are good reasons and then there are the real (“selfish”) reasons. Do not for a moment think I am driven only by lofty, altruistic and philanthropic ambitions; in part I am also doing for my personal satisfaction.

The 7 foundation pillars of the Kenny Research Institute

  1. Bright and talented postdoctoral fellows will have a guaranteed 5 year salary (virtually unheard of) and a research assistant to pursue their particular specialized research niche. It allows them time to develop their area of expertise instead of chasing short term grants. That is counter productive as it takes their time and energy away from the main game
  2. Each postdoc will be matched with a mentor. The mentor is there to help them navigate through the politics that exist within any industry and temper any naivety about how the real world works
  3. Participation in personal development courses is compulsory; this includes being taught emotional intelligence enhancement skills. Gee, I wish I was taught that at school, how about you?
  4. Attendance in financial literacy courses is mandatory. Financial literacy equals financial freedom
  5. The Kenny Research Institute will be equipped with a human crèche, infirmary and a pet crèche. Happy mothers who can have regular contact with their human or fur kids are more likely to be focused and productive
  6. A 24 hour gym on site to cater to the irregular hours worked Notice the emphasis on health and wellness?
  7. A 24 hour cafeteria onsite that serves healthy meals. Junk food and soft drinks will not be available from the vending machines. If they want to eat crap they have to go elsewhere to forage for it. Good luck!

This is my promise to you Kenzo; RIP 25 June 2003- 24 February 2014



Want A Better Return On Your Money? Use Women Managed Hedge Funds

It’s a dismal fact that women retire with smaller amounts of superannuation than their male counterparts.

Interruptions to their career path usually as a result of taking time out to raise a family further disadvantages a woman who wants to maintain a prosperous lifestyle at retirement.

The reality is that every man or woman is responsible for his/her financial future. Nobody care more about increasing your wealth than you do.

There are hordes of financial advisers out there who do not offer independent financial advice simply because their businesses have been bought out by the major banks and they are obliged to only offer products available through the banks.

It really sucks doesn’t it?

However there is hope; the article below (originally from The New York Times) describes that you’d get a better return on your money when it is managed by a woman.

In the world of hedge funds, a relative few have a woman at the helm. And yet, these funds may be the standouts from the bunch, a new report argues.
In the years since the financial crisis, hedge funds managed by women performed better than a broader index that reflects the performance of the industry, according to a report released on Wednesday by the professional services firm Rothstein Kass. The report seeks to show that this “alpha” – superior returns, in Wall Street speak – is no mere fluke.
“There is meaningful alpha to be gained from investing in women-owned and -managed funds,” Meredith Jones, a director at Rothstein Kass who wrote the report, said in an interview. “There appear to be both behavioral and biological factors that impact women’s ability to manage money and make them consistent.”
From the beginning of 2007 through June 2013 – a period that includes the dark days of the crisis – a Rothstein Kass index of women-run hedge funds returned 6 per cent, the report says.
By comparison, the HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index, released by Hedge Fund Research, fell 1.1 per cent during that time, according to the report.
Last year through November, the index of women-run funds had a 9.8 per cent return, compared with a 6.13 per cent rise in the broader index, the research showed. (Still, both indexes fell short of the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, which rose about 27 per cent during that time.)
The report, titled “Women in Alternative Investments: A Marathon, Not a Sprint,” used a group of 82 hedge funds managed or owned by women. Last year, the firm said that female hedge fund managers produced a return of 8.95 per cent through the third quarter of 2012, compared with a 2.69 per cent net return for the broader index.
While highlighting the accomplishments of women in hedge funds, private equity and venture capital, this year’s report also draws attention to persistent gender disparities on Wall Street.
The research, based on a survey in September and October of 440 senior women in the alternative investments business, suggests that the vast majority of the top jobs are held by men. Of the women surveyed, only 15.5 per cent said their firm was owned or managed by a woman. Among hedge funds in particular, 21.4 per cent were owned or managed by women.
About 42 per cent of the respondents said their firm had no general partners who were women. And nearly 40 per cent of the firms included in the survey had no women on their investment committees.
In that context, hedge funds run by women remain something of a niche. Some institutional investors, like public pension funds, have a specific mandate to invest a portion of their money in funds run by women or minorities.
Though these mandates can be motivated by political factors, Rothstein Kass is seeking to show that investing with women managers can be a wise choice for purely financial reasons. A handful of studies have suggested that women traders behave differently than their male counterparts, acting less impulsively.
John Coates, a former trader who is now a research fellow in neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, argued in a 2012 book, “The Hour Between Dog and Wolf,” that testosterone contributed to market swings. Hiring more women on trading floors, he wrote, might have a stabilizing effect.
But these ideas are far from mainstream, and the industry has been slow to change. A fourth of investors surveyed by Rothstein Kass said they expected their allocations to women-run funds to increase “somewhat” in 2014, while 2 per cent expected to allocate “significantly” more money.
Though the study expected more women to start their own funds in the coming years, the scarcity of such funds is itself an obstacle, a “chicken or the egg” problem, said Kelly Easterling, an audit principal at Rothstein Kass who contributed to the report.
“Without a large supply of funds, it’s difficult to achieve appropriate portfolio diversification or, for that matter, put enough money to work to move the performance dial,” she said in a statement quoted in the report. “On the other hand, until there is more money flowing to women-owned and -managed funds, it’s unlikely that there will be a stampede of new fund launches.”



Adelaide Gourmet Coffee: It’s Organo Gold!!

As a career transition coach, I specialize in getting my client out of the rat race and into doing what they were meant to do on this Earth when they step into the light and discover their authentic selves (if they haven’t already).

Usually this requires that they leave their current job when they come to realize it is not where their enthusiasm, passion and innate skills and talents are honoured.

It is only by nurturing their God given skills and talents that they truly begin to expand the vision of their future. Every human being has incorporated into their DNA the drive and the desire for self expression.

The fullest expression of their identity and individuality is at the core of their soul.

So here is where it gets painful and poignant; being given a glimpse of the potential magnificence of their authentic destiny and then looking at their current financial obligations that chain them to their job.

Their current reality is one of meeting their mortgage, kids’ school fees and paying off debt acquired on entering the workforce.

It is soul destroying when we feel our highest calling and vision remain unfulfilled because we do not have the financial freedom to resign from our jobs.

I’d wager that for many people who feel that they are denied the opportunity for self expression resorting to addictive behaviours of the “olics”; the alcoholic, shopperholic, workerholic, chochoholic (!) but to name a few temporarily reduces the pain…but I digress.

When quitting their job on the spot is not an option, my clients and I work on a plan to replace one day’s worth of their wage with another source of income by working part time after hours on one of the many lucrative home based businesses available. The ultimate aim is that over a pre determined length of time, their

One such is vehicle for financial freedom is the Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee business. Yes, it’s nothing fancy, it’s coffee. A potential billion dollar market exists as my clients know of at least one coffee drinker for each ten of their family, friends or acquaintances.

I openly declare I am a distributor for Organo Gold not only because I am a coffee drinker but that the stats and trends don’t lie.

To be able to encourage my clients to buy into a global business with a very modest outlay is the only way I know to demonstrate that this strategy for financial freedom works.





Career Breaks For Women Have Benefits Despite The Challenges-Smart Company

As women juggling careers and family, there is always the nagging feeling that taking extended time out to raise children is seen as a clunker of a road block to any meaningful advancement.

Well it appears that this is not as detrimental as we all have been lead to believe. The Smart Company article below reports that there are upsides; however be realistic and philosophical enough to know that it requires time to get back into the groove.

“Australian business women have revealed that an extended break from work does not always have a negative impact on their future career.

A survey of 115 state and territory finalists of the 2013 Telstra Business Women’s Awards found that over half, 55%, said that taking time out could be positive. They reported that it enables time to reassess life goals and career goals, while 87% agreed that taking parental leave could be a catalyst for launching their own business.

The survey found that 36% said a career break lead them to try something different to their usual profession. These career breaks may be taken for maternity leave, study leave, extended travel or other personal reasons. However, despite some of the positive potential of career breaks, the survey found that old issues remain prevalent.

It found 89% of respondents say women face challenges when returning to work after a career break. Forty per cent of women find it difficult to return to the workforce at the same level as they were at before the break, while 33% believed career break impacts negatively on wealth creation.

Manager of marine environment salvage and intervention at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, and the 2012 ACT Telstra Young Business Women’s Award winner Jocelyn Parsons once took a career break after eight years in the Navy.

She told SmartCompany this morning it was the first time she’d had the chance to step outside of the Navy environment and explore new things. She spent two years in the UK with her spouse.

“It was a positive for me, I had joined the Navy at 17 years old, and wanted to look for experience elsewhere,” she says.

While it proved a positive opportunity for Parsons, she is aware that many businesses still view letting someone take leave for personal growth, whether it be male or female, as a risk.

“Most employers will see it as a loss… they’ve got to make a business decision to take the hit,” she says.

However, Parsons says if employers and employees can work collaboratively, it can be a huge benefit to the company when the employee returns, armed with new skills and life experience.

She says both females and males find it challenging returning to work after a break, as the company may have progressed and it takes effort to get up to date.

“It requires support and respect… but businesses should recognise the positives,” she says.

For business owners, the challenge of taking a career break of their own can be more about how to keep operations running smoothly when they are not there.

The managing director of Carman’s Fine Foods, Carolyn Creswell, who won the 2012 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year award, doesn’t think women should avoid a necessary career break if well planned. She said if female business owners leave behind a good team, a break can happen smoothly.

“It’s amazing how dispensable you are,” she said. “When you have great people at work, the business just keeps going.”

The survey was undertaken in the lead-up to the national finals of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in Melbourne on November 14.

The findings come as a group of executive search firms have announced their commitment to a voluntary code of practice to improve women’s participation in business.

The voluntary code has seven key principals of best practice to assist in improving gender balance in senior teams. It covers the lifecycle of an executive search campaign, including assisting clients with diversity protocols, to identifying female candidates, and induction.

The businesses committed to the code include Egon Zehnder, Heidrick & Struggles, Korn/Ferry, Russell Reynolds and Spencer Stuart.

The code falls in line with Business Council of Australia’s push to improve the recruitment and promotional opportunities for women in senior roles. challenges.html?utm_source=SmartCompany&utm_campaign=3f15a48327-Tuesday_5_November_201305_11_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_234118efee-3f15a48327-93664494



Beverly Flaxington: Self talk for a calmer you-Learn how to use positive self talk to control anxiety and live a happier more relaxed life

Let’s be honest about it, we all experience feelings of anxiety from time to time. It may be for a couple of seconds during the day or it may weigh heavily on our minds and souls imprisoning us in an invisible cage that sucks the joy out of our lives. Suffice to say it comes with the territory i.e., it’s a given that as long as we have a pulse, we are not immune to the odd stab of those feelings.

In an ideal world we would recognize what we are feeling and take the proactive steps of surrounding ourselves with supportive friends and have time to exercise, eat well etc. to counterbalance the pesky feelings of anxiety.

However, there are times when we feel that we are drowning under this massive wave of helplessness that undermines all that we consider as positives in our lives.

Beverly Flaxington Interview Part1 1 Oct 2013

Beverly Flaxington Interview Part 2 1 Oct 2013

Overwhelming anxiety can kill careers, relationships and businesses; chronic anxiety is debilitating. But it does not have to be this way as Beverly Flaxington author of “Self talk for a calmer you-Learn how to use positive self talk to control anxiety and live a happier more relaxed life” explains. Beverly states that “Anxiety can take control of your mind and body — if you let it. You have the power to turn negative situations into positive ones with your self”.

Beverly who is an award winning author and Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA), hypnotherapist, and career and business adviser discusses strategies to tame that anxiety and has shared her powerful action steps here.

Business 2 Business = Human 2 Human

I am always bemused by the phrase B2B (business to business) that I see peppered across companies’ websites and associated promotional material. I assume the message that a company wishes to convey is that there is some form of exchange of goods and/or services for payment between them and some other company.

Instead what I’d like for you to consider is that a company does not do business with another company per se. These corporate entities are in fact staffed by humans sometimes consisting of a small handful and other times running into the thousands of employees.

At the most basic and fundamental level, the delivery of said goods and services may only occur when both parties agree upon the value of the exchange. However, to make this a regular event (ie repeat business = recurring income/cashflow/profits) the emotionally intelligent business owner will make exemplary customer service a priority.

If this is a given, why is it that as a business expands the process becomes increasingly depersonalized? Perhaps in the rarified atmosphere of upper management habitats the high altitude causes them to ignore the golden rule of customer service.

To illustrate:

My local supermarket belongs to a chain that makes up one half of the duopoly in Australia. Also within my local area is a newly opened shop (Red Cacao whose owners have a vision of their customers not just enjoying a coffee with their hand made chocolates but be taken on a rather pleasant excursion into appreciating how the country of origin influences the taste, aroma and texture of the coffee and cocoa beans.

I buy my groceries from the supermarket for the sake of convenience; the level of interest and commitment seems to oscillate between indifferent and somewhat enthused depending on the day I shop.

I go to Red Cacao for a great coffee and chocolate experience.

As for practicing the golden rule, it came in the form of Red Cacao’s owners trusting me to return their glassware when I purchased their scrumptious tiramisu to take home rather than consume on the premises.

In contrast, I don’t think I would be able to borrow the supermarket trolley for a couple of days to cart my groceries home!

Hooray for the SME’s who are giving it a red hot go in one of the most competitive industries in Australia. Well done!




Kirsty Greenshields: Women, Money and Intimacy

Kirsty Greenshields background can only be described as eclectic and all encompassing; she started her career as an Army Intelligence officer, before her own health challenges saw Kirsty become a healer, master NLP practitioner, success coach and author of Women, Money and Intimacy.

Kirsty addresses the age old conundrum faced by every woman who juggles a career and family; the sometimes guilt laden question she asks of whether there is enough of her to go around to meet the needs of her family and simultaneously satisfy her own ambitions.

Her book is a poignant account of personal discovery, of becoming comfortable with receiving love and money. It is one of finding inner strength by allowing herself to trust and being open and comfortable in her own skin.

And here’s the good bit-Kirsty has also included in Women, Money and Intimacy a powerful series of life changing questions the reader can ask of themselves in order to “lose the emotional baggage” around subconsciously playing small, of feeling like she has to apologize for becoming wealthy.

Rather than forever staying in the background Kirsty discovered the courage to step into the limelight and in a state of gratitude and grace claim her magnificence. She exemplifies what she teaches and that is to live the life you came into this earth to express and lead. Find Kirsty at

Listen to the full interview here:
Kirsty Greenshields Part1 6Aug2013

Kirsty Greenshields Part2 6Aug2013

To order a copy of her book, click on the link below:


100 Women of Influence Award

It’s about time that women stepped forward from the shadows and claim the credit due for their innovation, creativity, money smarts. That’s just for starters.

Corporate support (Westpac Bank and Australian Financial Review has made it possible for us to recognize the contributions women make to the lives of people around them.

If you know of someone who should be publicly acknowledged please nominate them.

Full article below:

Recognising female leaders across Australia

Nominations are now open for The Australian Financial Review and Westpac’s 100 Women of Influence awards. In its second year, the awards are dedicated to recognising and celebrating female leaders across Australia.

Westpac Group Chief Executive Officer, Gail Kelly and Financial Review Group Chief Executive Officer and Publisher, Brett Clegg were joined by female nominees from last year’s program to officially launch the 2013 awards at an event in Sydney this morning. The launch marked the call for nationwide nominations to unearth Australia’s inspiring women across a range of industries who work tirelessly to help shape a vibrant and inclusive future for all Australians.

At the launch of the awards, Mrs Kelly said, “Westpac is proud to continue its support of the 100 Women of Influence awards. It’s an important way to acknowledge the significant contribution that women are making to achieve change in their local communities, businesses and society more generally.

“Westpac has a long and proud history of making a positive difference for women as part of our aspiration to be one of the world’s great companies for diversity and flexibility. These awards are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the success and achievements of women across Australia and we look forward to starting the search again this year.”

Financial Review Group CEO and Publisher, Brett Clegg said, “Being involved at the inception of this initiative has been a great source of pride personally and for the Financial Review. This is an incredibly impactful and powerful awards program and there’s no better partner from our perspective than Gail and the Westpac team.

“Westpac and AFR want to acknowledge and take pride in powerful female leaders across all aspects of our society.”

The 100 Women of Influence awards are open for the general public to nominate outstanding and influential women across corporate, community, arts, philanthropy, public and not-for-profit sectors, as an opportunity to celebrate the skills of women in this country who achieve outstanding results in their fields.

Nominations are open across ten categories including: Board / Management, Public Policy, Young Leader, Social Enterprise and Not-for-profit, Philanthropy, Global Influence, Innovation, Local / Regional Community, Diversity and Business Entrepreneur.

Entries will be assessed by a panel of esteemed judges, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

The overall 2012 Woman of Influence winner, Social Enterprise winner and CEO of Foundation for Young Australians Jan Owen, said “Winning the awards really put my business in the spotlight, and the past year has been one of significant growth and learning.

“Women tend to generally be very humble and not see the importance of the work they are doing, and that is part of what makes these awards so powerful. I encourage you to nominate the women you see as role models so they can see the positive impact their work is having locally, nationally and internationally.”

Nominations to the 2013 100 Women of Influence awards are open this Monday 8th July and close on Sunday, 18th August. Entries can be submitted online at

The program culminates in an awards presentation event where winners will be announced from the 100 finalists, in Sydney on Thursday, 17 October 2013.

For further information please visit:
Notes to Editors

100 Women of Influence Awards Categories:

  1. Board/Management
  2. Public Policy
  3. Diversity
  4. Business Entrepreneur
  5. Young Leader
  6. Global
  7. Local/Regional
  8. Innovation
  9. Philanthropy
  10. Social Enterprise and Not-for-profit

Entry and Judging Criteria

Candidates will be judged on their demonstrated vision, leadership, innovation and action in and beyond their field; their impact and how it was achieved.

The judging panel will give consideration to:

  1. Personal, academic, professional and community achievements.
  2. Demonstrated performance in their field.
  3. Demonstration of collaboration within and beyond their field, and a wider circle of influence than their direct role.
  4. How their influence has contributed to women’s social and economic advancement.
  5. Involvement and contribution to Australian communities through collaboration and mentoring.
  6. Extent to which their contribution was achieved in new and creative ways.

Key Dates and how to enter

  • Entries open – Monday 8 July 2013
  • Entries close – Sunday 18 August 2013
  • Finalists announced in The Australian Financial Review on Thursday 17 October 2013
  • Entry forms can be downloaded at
  • Completed entries can be uploaded online at
  • For more information about the 2013 100 Women of Influence Awards, please visit
  • Winners announced – Thursday 17 October 2013 at a gala event in Sydney.



Over the hill? NEVER

Important Update:

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On this teleclass Chris will show you how to use ritual to solve any challenge you may be facing in your career, wealth, health or relationships. This is practical, actionable knowledge you can use to make a difference in your life right NOW. And it won’t cost you a cent.

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Now, I’d like you to meet Emily.

About a year ago, Emily was a 49-year-old marriage therapist who couldn’t find the right man… and couldn’t get any of her relationships to work.

Oh the irony.

Emily was terrified of being over the hill.

She knew she was attractive. American men fell head over heels for her exotic British accent.

But every man she hooked up with was either a jerk… or they got scared off when her insecurities bubbled to the surface.

Emily’s self-defeating behavior didn’t go unnoticed to her friend Denise – who after months of listening to how she was “going nuts”, recommended she pay a visit to behavior change expert Dr Sylva Dvorak.

Fast forward to one year later, and Emily is now savoring every moment of a blissful relationship with her partner Larry in their Marina del Rey love nest.

How did she do it?

>>> The answer will help YOU create life-changing outcomes in your love life and every other area of your life too

When Emily first visited Dr Sylva Dvorak, she was told something that has stuck with her ever since:

“The key to changing your outcomes is doing a little mental and emotional housekeeping. Ritual is a way to clean the corridors of your mind and the passageways of your heart so there’s room for your guy to come in.”

Dr Sylva then gave Emily a set of fun yet highly potent rituals designed to carry her into a state of allowing for love:

* She used a releasing ritual, where she was asked to write on tiny pieces of paper how she felt about a painful fling with a man named Mark – and then toss them to the wind.

* She went through a Strategic Attraction ritual to help her understand the qualities of her ideal man – and what would make her more attractive to him.

* She created a Vision Book to put into pictures the vision of her life with this man.

* She got a consultation in the ancient rituals of Feng Shui to make her home conducive to her new relationship. One of her new home decorations was a photo of George Clooney, across which she had written in bold letters, “Alone no more!!!”

* And finally, Dr Sylva gave her an ‘out and about’ ritual where she’d go out once a week and do something fun – whether it was meeting a friend at a cafe, or going dancing, or even a roadtrip.

For the next few months, Emily spent a few minutes a day on her rituals – which wasn’t hard given how much fun they were.

The internal changes happened almost instantly.

She felt more energetic. The quality of her thoughts improved. Positive ‘coincidences’ began happening in all areas of her life.

But her big defining moment happened later that year, when her friend Mel introduced her to…



When Emily and Larry met, sparks flew. He was humble, warm, funny, and bear-sized: the exact qualities she had written on her wishlist months earlier.

And she was wonderful to him too. Her insecurities were nowhere to be seen, and her positivity and self-confidence turned him on to no end!

Emily and Larry are now in engaged to be married and still madly in love to this day.

And they granted permission to share this story with you, so you too will realize the wonderful ways ritual can affect your life.

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Women in the Workforce and Domestic Violence

I applaud the National Australia Bank for recognizing and publically acknowledging this sad fact that some of their employees may be survivors of domestic violence. And no, I do not bank with them or receive any monies or stocks for posting this article.

(Note: I have deliberately used the term “survivors” and not “victims”. Victims feel they are not in control of their lives whereas survivors constantly look for a solution and do not allow “stuff” that happens to them to seal their fate).

Their proactive response in addressing this issue speaks volumes of their support for their staff.

No person should have to endure this type of abuse and the NAB is streets in front of just about any other corporate organization in supporting their staff by offering paid domestic violence leave.

Their aim to allow their staff an opportunity to get themselves sorted even if an initial start means they have the time and money to find alternative accommodation to get out of a destructive relationship.

Well done, NAB.

“National Australia Bank will offer its 43,000 staff paid domestic violence leave in a move that campaigners hope will encourage other large private employers to follow suit.

Fairfax said the policy would make NAB the largest private-sector employer to offer the entitlement, which gives staff unlimited leave if needed.

“Some people just need a couple of days or a short period of time and others need more extended time out of the workforce or sporadic time out of the workforce to deal with the challenges,” said NAB general manager of workplace performance, Lynda Dean.

She said the policy would apply to all staff.

Fairfax said more than a million workers, mainly in the public sector, had access to some form of paid domestic violence leave.

Ludo McFerran, national manager of the Safe at Home, Safe at Work project, said the bank’s move was “fantastic” and was significant coming from such a big employer.

The economic freedom from remaining in paid work is regarded as vital in helping victims escape violent relationships.”