Want A Better Return On Your Money? Use Women Managed Hedge Funds

It’s a dismal fact that women retire with smaller amounts of superannuation than their male counterparts.

Interruptions to their career path usually as a result of taking time out to raise a family further disadvantages a woman who wants to maintain a prosperous lifestyle at retirement.

The reality is that every man or woman is responsible for his/her financial future. Nobody care more about increasing your wealth than you do.

There are hordes of financial advisers out there who do not offer independent financial advice simply because their businesses have been bought out by the major banks and they are obliged to only offer products available through the banks.

It really sucks doesn’t it?

However there is hope; the article below (originally from The New York Times) describes that you’d get a better return on your money when it is managed by a woman.


In the world of hedge funds, a relative few have a woman at the helm. And yet, these funds may be the standouts from the bunch, a new report argues.
In the years since the financial crisis, hedge funds managed by women performed better than a broader index that reflects the performance of the industry, according to a report released on Wednesday by the professional services firm Rothstein Kass. The report seeks to show that this “alpha” – superior returns, in Wall Street speak – is no mere fluke.
“There is meaningful alpha to be gained from investing in women-owned and -managed funds,” Meredith Jones, a director at Rothstein Kass who wrote the report, said in an interview. “There appear to be both behavioral and biological factors that impact women’s ability to manage money and make them consistent.”
From the beginning of 2007 through June 2013 – a period that includes the dark days of the crisis – a Rothstein Kass index of women-run hedge funds returned 6 per cent, the report says.
By comparison, the HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index, released by Hedge Fund Research, fell 1.1 per cent during that time, according to the report.
Last year through November, the index of women-run funds had a 9.8 per cent return, compared with a 6.13 per cent rise in the broader index, the research showed. (Still, both indexes fell short of the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, which rose about 27 per cent during that time.)
The report, titled “Women in Alternative Investments: A Marathon, Not a Sprint,” used a group of 82 hedge funds managed or owned by women. Last year, the firm said that female hedge fund managers produced a return of 8.95 per cent through the third quarter of 2012, compared with a 2.69 per cent net return for the broader index.
While highlighting the accomplishments of women in hedge funds, private equity and venture capital, this year’s report also draws attention to persistent gender disparities on Wall Street.
The research, based on a survey in September and October of 440 senior women in the alternative investments business, suggests that the vast majority of the top jobs are held by men. Of the women surveyed, only 15.5 per cent said their firm was owned or managed by a woman. Among hedge funds in particular, 21.4 per cent were owned or managed by women.
About 42 per cent of the respondents said their firm had no general partners who were women. And nearly 40 per cent of the firms included in the survey had no women on their investment committees.
In that context, hedge funds run by women remain something of a niche. Some institutional investors, like public pension funds, have a specific mandate to invest a portion of their money in funds run by women or minorities.
Though these mandates can be motivated by political factors, Rothstein Kass is seeking to show that investing with women managers can be a wise choice for purely financial reasons. A handful of studies have suggested that women traders behave differently than their male counterparts, acting less impulsively.
John Coates, a former trader who is now a research fellow in neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, argued in a 2012 book, “The Hour Between Dog and Wolf,” that testosterone contributed to market swings. Hiring more women on trading floors, he wrote, might have a stabilizing effect.
But these ideas are far from mainstream, and the industry has been slow to change. A fourth of investors surveyed by Rothstein Kass said they expected their allocations to women-run funds to increase “somewhat” in 2014, while 2 per cent expected to allocate “significantly” more money.
Though the study expected more women to start their own funds in the coming years, the scarcity of such funds is itself an obstacle, a “chicken or the egg” problem, said Kelly Easterling, an audit principal at Rothstein Kass who contributed to the report.
“Without a large supply of funds, it’s difficult to achieve appropriate portfolio diversification or, for that matter, put enough money to work to move the performance dial,” she said in a statement quoted in the report. “On the other hand, until there is more money flowing to women-owned and -managed funds, it’s unlikely that there will be a stampede of new fund launches.”



Lorwai TAN and Stephanie KAKRIS: The Language of Success

The Power of the Spoken Word

Would you be surprised to know that happy, wealthy and successful people choose their words carefully?

A verse in the Bible comes to mind; “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was made Flesh”

Our thoughts and feelings are expressed as the words we have incorporated into our vocabulary.

Our words take on physical form via our action which when repeated become habits.

Our habits determine our level of success; in other words life is a self fulfilling prophecy

Our vocabulary reflects how we think and feel about ourselves and others (as discussed in this conversation I had with Stephanie Kakris, Founder of HighPerformanceClub.com).

Lorwai and Steph Part1 11Sept2012

Lorwai and Steph Part2 11 Sept2012

Can you see then that our words when repeated often enough become our reality; if that is the case wouldn’t you rather that they be empowering words that will put you in the right head and heart space to problem solve, be creative and succeed?

I do not believe in such a thing as a casual remark. The words some people use to describe themselves (e.g., not good enough, could do better, just average) are hallmarks of subterfuge.

These are self sabotaging and undermine a person’s efforts at becoming successful.

I believe that when we change the way we think and speak we change the amount of money we earn/make.

What is in your vocabulary when it comes to investing, making money or running a business?

Here are some phrases I often hear that are disempowering or as I call like, “Shooting yourself in the foot” language. Such words and phrases roll off the tongue so easily that people can slip into the “being average is ok” groove that is destined to keep them just over broke.

I have in parentheses my interpretation of what a person is really wanting to say. Feel free to disagree!

  1. Oh, I am just dabbling in the stock market (Lack of commitment to giving it your all and going for it because of a fear of failure or success)
  2. They are filthy rich, obscenely wealthy (The implied is that having a lot of money or being interested in making a lot of money is crass, unrefined and not genteel. A person is somehow crude and base for openly talking about making money and wanting to be rich.)
  3. The taxman is always out to get you (Victim mentality?)
  4. Making money is hard work and not fun (Limiting self belief)
  5. I don’t want to take on any debt (Not understanding the difference between good and bad debt)
  6. It scares me to be self employed (Unclear about financial goals coupled with low self confidence)
  7. Don’t tell me what to do (Why so defensive??)



Lisa Page Interview:Women their relationship with themselves, partners and money

Women now more than ever are in the workforce building a career but still playing the traditional roles of wives/girlfriends/mothers. This can be a big responsibility that can leave them exhausted and spent.

If you want more money, work on having happy personal relationships and most importantly be comfortable in your own skin. Believe me, they are interrelated.

Lisa Page founder of Soul Satisfaction for Women states that consciously practicing correct breathing techniques are key to what you yearn for in life.

Lisa Page 14 Aug2012 Interview Part1

LIsa Page 14Aug2012 Interview Part2

In this interview she elaborates on her powerful technique called Breathe Baby Breathe that is pivotal to helping her clients regain that sense of being centered and less stressed. Follow this link to get more information www.breathebabybreathe.com.au

It is from this basis that her clients build better relationships, have more money in the bank and become happier humans.

Lisa has generously made available a BIG and USEFUL freebie eBook that you can get by following the link below:

Find Lisa Page at:

Camilla Mendoza Interview: The Importance of Valuing Money

I have invited Camilla Mendoza our expert on money mastery for women to share her experience running her awesome workshop Money Mastery for Women in New York City.

So, the question on everyone’s mind for Camilla-Are New York women any different from their Australian counterparts when it comes to grappling with their ambivalence about making money and having financial security?

Find out here on this 2 part interview.

Camilla Mendoza Part 1 June 2012

Camilla Mendoza Part 2 June 2012

If you feel you could do with some help, Camilla has some practical suggestions about how to overcome some ingrained self sabotaging habits that have kept you financially strapped.

Find Camilla at http://www.moneymasteryforwomen.com/



Mike Handcock Interview: Rock Your Life

Mike Handcock walks his talk as an entrepreneur, speaker, rock and roll musician and author whose business is his passion. In that sense, he doesn’t have to work to make a living as he sees his work as play.


Become the ROCKSTAR of your industry in 2013

Use the promotional code XFACTOR009 when booking.

You will save 25% on the standard ticket price.http://www.rockyourlifeevents.com/x-factor

The top people in any industry are the Rockstars. They make all the money, get all the offers, have all the luck and have brilliant careers and businesses. But is there a formula to being a Rockstar?

Yes there is. In fact it’s all about having and creating ‘X’ Factor. It’s like the talent shows. You can have all the talent, do all the hard work, but you need something else and that is MAGIC when it counts. What is MAGIC?

M is for Mindset. Most people have too much negative self talk, limiting beliefs and values that don’t serve them

A is for Alchemy. It’s creating something from nothing and all the best people can do it.  There is a formula to alchemy as well. It’s when all is lost to then create an amazing win-win environment.

G is for Game. You have to be Game. Step outside the boundaries. Shift your comfort zone. No one who did anything amazing was in their comfort zone, but the key is to treat life as a game.  Make it fun.

I is for Intuition. Billionaires use Intuition more than anyone else. You don’t learn this at school. It has to be crafted.  It’s an art that has to be practised and rehearsed.

C is for Connections. Most of us never learned it at school, but connection is where it is at.  It’s not about having 5,000 friends on Facebook, it’s about how you connect with those people, from your heart to theirs.

Want to know more

Don’t miss out then on Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor coming to you soon. One day – two profound hosts – multi millionaire guests – a formula to create ROCKSTARs in any industry – profound new technology not taught by mediocre entities. This is the pinnacle of learning. High results and high vibration learning in one day.

To make it a no brainer for you the tickets are cost effective and if you use the promotional code XFACTOR009 when booking then you will save even 25% on the standard ticket price.




Mike Handcock Interview Part 1

Mike Handcock Interview Part2

Now wouldn’t some of you good people reading this article like to be in a similar position? However, there’s the all too familiar voice that screams “Caution-do not get out of your comfort zone”. Be honest-there is a pervasive underlying current of unease or even fear we rationalize as being conservative.

Lets’ get you our of your comfort zone because in this interview, Mike and I talked about having the courage to walk away from a highly lucrative job in the finance industry and taking his leap of faith into a business called Rock Your Life; with a tagline “”Entrepreneur – Change your life, improve your health, wealth, soul and business – with purpose” you kind of get the idea what Mike is all about.

He shares how a person can find out what really floats their business boat and have fun whilst being in their favourite business.

What I really love is the fact that I am meeting more heart centered entrepreneurs who find a spiritual practice in their business. I think we are at the pointy end of our current civilization (as we know it) and for us to evolve as a species, we need a new breed of business men and women who have a passion and wholistic approach to entrepreneurship.

If you are reading this, you may well be one of them.

Find Mike at














Preparing for a Brilliant Career in 2012

Even if you are hanging out for your Christmas holiday break and a chance to relax, as your coach I urge you to continue forward planning your career and future NOW.

I use the analogy of a tomato seed that is not much to look at but when is in fertile soil and with the requisite water, warmth, right amounts of sun and shade will emerge from the soil firstly as a tiny seedling but eventually bear lots of summer fruit. Pay day!

Consider yourself the tomato seed and the coming holidays the equivalent of the fertile soil, water, sun and shade where you plan and sketch your career path for 2012.

If you have been toying with the idea of changing careers or becoming an entrepreneur and have procrastinated, NOW is the time gather intelligence about your new venture and also do the inner work (on yourself) to prepare for the big leap.

Firstly the inner work

Below are a number of ways to get clear on the whys and then why not and how to’s; the list is by no means exhaustive but it will give you a starting point.

Top 5 Reasons for Changing Careers:

  1. Job dissatisfaction- Is this all there is?
  2. Burn out- Tired all the time
  3. Mind your head on the Glass Ceiling- You want a promotion?
  4. Not challenging anymore- It’s the same old song
  5. Better pay- Is the grass greener yonder?

Top 3 Tips for a Smooth Career Change

  1. Know why you want a change-See above
  2. Know where you want to go-Stock take your current skills
  3. Plan how to get there- You have the keys to unlocking the golden handcuffs

Top 5 Reasons for Not Changing Jobs:

  1. Fear of the unknown-I’m crap at managing my money
  2. Fear of the unknown- Do I know enough?
  3. Fear of the unknown- Can I make it on my own?
  4. Fear of the unknown- What if I fail?
  5. Fear of the unknown- I don’t have a Plan B

I suggest journaling what comes to mind based on the follow on phrases I have included after each point.

You will be very surprised at what pops out of your head. You will have before you the internal dialogue that has kept you from moving towards your goals. If you feel stuck and afraid, there is only one remedy-TAKE ACTION

As a gentle reminder, I’d like to leave you with the Law of Action summed up in one sentence;

The only time you have the chance to show courage is when you are afraidDan Millman Way of the Peaceful Warrior


Rhiannon Rees Interview: The Courage To Live An Ordinary Life

I am very blessed to have access to many successful people where I get to ask about their journey to financial success. However, it is not often that I am inspired and amazed at their personal stories to the degree that I was when I spoke with Rhiannon Rees.

She is a business coach, humanitarian, entrepreneur, mother and author of “How to Climb Mount Everest in Sandals-The Courage to Live an Ordinary Life”.

Rhiannon shares her challenges of dealing with childhood abuse, a dysfunctional family, a brother’s suicide, a toxic business partnership, the surprise that comes with finding a cross dressing husband (in her lingerie), and living in a tent with her one year old son when her marriage disintegrated.

Most people would be forgiven for taking the default position of do nothing and be nothing should this have been their circumstances.

What was fascinating was Rhiannon’s mind shift that involved reading over 400 self help and psychology books and Adlerian therapy that dragged her from the precipice to living her dream life. Being ranked 4th Best Business Coach in the World for 2010 by Action Coach is fitting peer recognition.

Listen to what this heart centered entrepreneur with a whole lot of wisdom (and love) has to share.

Rhiannon Rees Interview

Should you be inspired by her words and energy and want to know more, head over to http://lovelivingthedream.com/coaching/

Julie Steelman Interview: Sales is Not a Dirty Word

Julie Steelman knows a thing or two about selling; by choosing to see her sales role as one of giving overwhelming value and service to her clients it has made her debt free and allowed her to retire (at a very young age) to tropical Hawaii.

If you want proof, how about being able to generate $100 million in sales (this is not a typo) from clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Toyota, CBS Sony and Universal Pictures.

And this is when most people are struggling to make commissions and targets.

In her new book “The Effortless Yes: Get the Sales You Want and Make All You’ll Ever Need”, Julie shares her “a ha” moment after the very lean first two years in the business.

Her Road to Damascus moment can be summed up in one sentence, “It’s not about you, it is about the customer”.

Julie Steelman Interview (unlinked)

Julie’s advice: “Get over yourself because it is not personal; you’re here because you have something unique to give that can make someone’s life a lot better”.

Can’t argue with that kind of logic.

So if you have been finding the whole “selling” thing awkward, uncomfortable and downright icky (a technical term in the sales game), do yourself a favor and invest in Julie’s years of wisdom and practical know how-NOW!

Find Julie Steelman at:

http:// www.juliesteelman.com

Kristen Howe Interview: From Broadway to My Way

Kristen Howe is a Broadway actor and founder of Go Big Coach.

She understands that we all need to express our individual creativity and through her coaching Kristen has helped her clients find their passion and make a motza in the process.

In this interview Kristen explains her version of the Law of Attraction and how it has got her to the level of success she now enjoys.

Kristen Howe Interview Please go to http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com


Dr Xenia Ioannou Interview: Her Inner Journey to Wealth

Dr Xenia Ioannou is a millionaire property investor, businesswoman, wife, mother and author of “Your Inner Journey to Wealth-A Guide to Developing a Millionaire Mindset”.

Together with husband Angelo they founded Alexa Property Group with Real Estate Sales, Property Management, Acquisitions, Research, Education under this extensive company umbrella.

My interest in conducting these interviews has always been to uncover the motivation that spurs a person to become successful. Speaking with Xenia about her own experiences to creating wealth was akin to finding a huge nugget whilst prospecting.

Xenia Ioannou Interview (unlinked)

When a guest so honestly shares the challenges that turn up and more importantly how she overcame these challenges, well that is pure gold.

Xenia’s message is simple, “Take responsibility and don’t be a victim”. Equally important, “Find mentors and associate with like minded people who want to succeed”.

You can’t argue with that direct kind of approach that dare I say harks from her time as a medical research scientist.

Is it paradoxical that someone trained in analytical, scientific evaluation methods can point to an individual’s mindset as the determining factor for success (or not)? Let’s just say that the person most adaptable wins.

What this should mean to you dear reader is that within each and everyone of us is the potential to becoming successful and creating lasting wealth. So, are you ready to step up?

Xenia, to her credit has made it her personal mission to help every person who desires financial freedom by providing the necessary education they did not get at school.

Please go to her website to download Chapter 1 of her book.