Over the hill? NEVER

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Now, I’d like you to meet Emily.

About a year ago, Emily was a 49-year-old marriage therapist who couldn’t find the right man… and couldn’t get any of her relationships to work.

Oh the irony.

Emily was terrified of being over the hill.

She knew she was attractive. American men fell head over heels for her exotic British accent.

But every man she hooked up with was either a jerk… or they got scared off when her insecurities bubbled to the surface.

Emily’s self-defeating behavior didn’t go unnoticed to her friend Denise – who after months of listening to how she was “going nuts”, recommended she pay a visit to behavior change expert Dr Sylva Dvorak.

Fast forward to one year later, and Emily is now savoring every moment of a blissful relationship with her partner Larry in their Marina del Rey love nest.

How did she do it?

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When Emily first visited Dr Sylva Dvorak, she was told something that has stuck with her ever since:

“The key to changing your outcomes is doing a little mental and emotional housekeeping. Ritual is a way to clean the corridors of your mind and the passageways of your heart so there’s room for your guy to come in.”

Dr Sylva then gave Emily a set of fun yet highly potent rituals designed to carry her into a state of allowing for love:

* She used a releasing ritual, where she was asked to write on tiny pieces of paper how she felt about a painful fling with a man named Mark – and then toss them to the wind.

* She went through a Strategic Attraction ritual to help her understand the qualities of her ideal man – and what would make her more attractive to him.

* She created a Vision Book to put into pictures the vision of her life with this man.

* She got a consultation in the ancient rituals of Feng Shui to make her home conducive to her new relationship. One of her new home decorations was a photo of George Clooney, across which she had written in bold letters, “Alone no more!!!”

* And finally, Dr Sylva gave her an ‘out and about’ ritual where she’d go out once a week and do something fun – whether it was meeting a friend at a cafe, or going dancing, or even a roadtrip.

For the next few months, Emily spent a few minutes a day on her rituals – which wasn’t hard given how much fun they were.

The internal changes happened almost instantly.

She felt more energetic. The quality of her thoughts improved. Positive ‘coincidences’ began happening in all areas of her life.

But her big defining moment happened later that year, when her friend Mel introduced her to…



When Emily and Larry met, sparks flew. He was humble, warm, funny, and bear-sized: the exact qualities she had written on her wishlist months earlier.

And she was wonderful to him too. Her insecurities were nowhere to be seen, and her positivity and self-confidence turned him on to no end!

Emily and Larry are now in engaged to be married and still madly in love to this day.

And they granted permission to share this story with you, so you too will realize the wonderful ways ritual can affect your life.

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Janet Attwood: Living Your Life With Passion Update

A quick heads up following on from my chat with Janet last moth.

If you still have a nagging feeling that you could/should be doing something else but are not sure, this may be of help.

Click on the tab and head over to find out more about what truly is your passion.


Janet Attwood Interview: Living Your Life With Passion

It is always a delight to interview people who possess an infectious sense of enjoyment for life as it turns up.

In the case of my guest Janet Attwood this is expressed as a celebration of knowing and living her passion.

She is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, “The Passion Test-The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Life Purpose”, and co-author of “From Sad to Glad: 7 Steps to Facing Change with Love and Power”.

I was curious to find out if the saying “Pursue your passion and the money will follow” was really possible; and that was on the proviso that a person honestly knew what they were passionate about (in the first place).

Janet Attwood Interview (unlinked)

The rest of this blog and interview recording have been relocated to:


Kristen Howe Interview: From Broadway to My Way

Kristen Howe is a Broadway actor and founder of Go Big Coach.

She understands that we all need to express our individual creativity and through her coaching Kristen has helped her clients find their passion and make a motza in the process.

In this interview Kristen explains her version of the Law of Attraction and how it has got her to the level of success she now enjoys.

Kristen Howe Interview Please go to http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com


Sue and Steve Soucy Interview: The “Social Media Attractionaire” Experts

It is always nice to talk to people who generously share their knowledge and honestly state that becoming successful is a work in progress.

Sue and Steve Soucy Interview You can download the mp3 recording and pdf transcript of this interview by going to http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/online-store/

Not only that, Sue and Steve Soucy have documented their journey to wealth and financial independence in a very public way that let’s the rest of us see real people launching real internet based businesses on line, and doing very well, thank you.

This is a couple who believes that by focusing and being clear on what they want and practicing what they preach, they can manifest their goals-Law of Attraction, anyone?

Yes, Sue and Steve stepped out of their comfort zone and in front of a camera and posted their wealth creation journey in real time on FaceBook, Youtube and Twitter. Now that is a bold move if you ask me.

However, do you not feel privileged to witness two seemingly “regular” people having fun along the way in their quest for financial freedom?

Does it not challenge the stereotype that rich people have no sense of humour or are unapproachable?

I sincerely hope that when you listen to this interview, you one day can picture yourself in a similar position.

Do me a favour and drop me an email saying that day you started to believe in yourself and that it made a world of difference to the quality of your life.

Sue and Steve Soucy Teach Passionate Entrepreneurs Worldwide How to Make Their Lives Better with the Law of Attraction, Videos and Social Media.


Natalie Ledwell Interview: The Power of Creative Visualization

Natalie Ledwell is a living breathing example that a girl from the small country town of Orange, New South Wales Australia together with a couple of business partners can manifest a $1 million product launch from one simple business idea.

Natalie’s not so secret weapon was “Mind Movies”, a clever piece of software that lets her create and personalize her own dynamic vision board complete with music, affirmations and pictures as the way to realize her goals.

Natalie Ledwell Interview You can download the mp3 recording and pdf transcript of this interview by going to http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/online-store/

It was by repeatedly watching her Mind Movie that got Natalie to drop a couple of dress sizes in quick time, and propel her business to one with a multi million dollar turnover, just to name a few of her many goals reached!

In this exclusive interview with Natalie, she dispels the misconceptions about the Law of Attraction and generously shares her personal experiences of how this principle really works.

“If you have a burning passion and desire, and want to help others, situations and circumstances present themselves that will get you to your goals”, says Natalie and “if possible, avoid negative people who don’t understand your aspirations”.

Well, I certainly agree with Natalie on all points.

Find Natalie at:


Natalie is a businesswoman from in Sydney Australia and is based in San Diego CA. She is the Creative Content Director and Founder of Mind Movies LLC. As a motivational speaker, she has shared the stage with luminaries in the personal development field such as Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale and John Assaraf.