Angels in Hell-re empowered after rape: Interview with Ruby Johnson and Leanne Peard

None of us goes through life unscathed.

Ruby Johnson

Leanne Peard

Sometimes we cannot avoid the slings and arrows inflicted by thoughtless, tactless and downright objectionable people who co habit planet Earth.

These come in the form of verbal or physical bullying or worse.

Depending on our level of self esteem and self confidence we either roll with the punches or feel that it will take an eternity to heal those wounds.

If you are a regular reader of my blog articles you will know that at the very core of becoming successful is our perception of our self esteem, self worth, self confidence that will either get you there or stop you from achieving all your goals.

I had the privilege of speaking with Leanne Peard & Ruby Johnson authors of Angels in Hell-re empowered after rape about their personal experiences and what they have done to move on.

Watch my interview with these 2 remarkable ladies:

or download the interview

Ruby Johnson Leanne Peard Interview Part1

Ruby Johnson Leanne Peard Interview Part2a

Ruby Johnson Leanne Peard Interview Part2b

Firstly I want to acknowledge their courage and honesty for writing about their personal experience with rape.

Secondly I want to thank them on behalf of everyone who has been through it for sharing their means and methods to heal (emotionally) and move forward with their lives rather than be held hostage to the past.

Change or tapping into personal power is not an easy—but definitely a necessary—part of this journey called life, especially for those of us who have been violated, abused or attacked.

The bad news is that many will not take the steps to change; many will not be able to forgive. Many will stay in the darkness and never experience the beauty that life has to offer. We would hope that you will choose to change, to transform your life and re-­empower yourself.”-Angels in Hell re empowered after rape

Leanne Peard is the director of Absolute Wisdom a Life and Business Coaching consultancy, a Master of Reiki, and mother of two; she lives in tropical Cairns Queensland.
Ruby Johnson is the owner/director of Wholistic Enterprises and the founder of the College for Actualising Human Potential. She has designed and had nationally accredited the Cert IV to the Advanced Diploma in Wholistic Wellness and is the Author of 2 other books: Your Drug or Your Life and Wake Up & Breathe.
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Rod Schofield Interview on ADHD: Coping with and managing your difficult child

In all honesty, it is a juggling act being wife, mother and the “so with it” career executive or businesswoman.

Some days I feel like looking up the person who coined the term Superwoman and putting that myth where the sun don’t shine.

Assuming this role and raising a family of kids is still a challenge regardless of what anyone says.

So what if your child is considered by doctors to be ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder); how do you cope?

Your chosen career still demands that you will put in some serious hours.

But if your home life is in disarray the probability that you are devoting 100 % of your attention to fast forwarding your career is unlikely. It will be frustrating and will dissipate your energy leaving you feeling flat and a wee bit disappointed.

Perhaps there is the unspoken sense of guilt, failure and shame.

I suggest you stop beating yourself up and get a different perspective and with it some well needed encouragement on this subject.

Rod Schofield Interview

My interview guest Rod Schofield whose coaching business is called “Transform your difficult child” is well placed to discuss this topic.

Rod walks his talk because he found himself exactly in that situation when his youngest of 4 kids (Stephen) was diagnosed with ADHD

He shares his insights and equally importantly his means for managing his own energy levels which he recognizes that is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with all his children, wife and growing his business.

You can contact Rod for his mentoring and coaching programs that help parents with difficult children at



Interview with Nick Cownie: Overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Finding Financial Freedom

As a young 21 year old Nick Cownie came face to face with his own mortality when he and a friend were held up at gun point and robbed after a night out to celebrate his birthday. Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he decided that being held hostage by this condition was cramping his life, even if it did not feel that way then.

Fast forward 10 years and Nick shares his journey of not being able to leave his bedroom at his parents’ house for weeks at a time as he grappled with PTSD, to living his ultimate dream life of running a successful coaching business complete with gorgeous wife and little daughter in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney, Australia.

Using the various Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to overcome PSTD, the added bonus Nick discovered was that NLP helped him uncover his mental blocks to manifesting a lot of money almost without effort (try $99, 000 in 60 minutes).

In this in depth interview, Nick shares his strategies of leveraging his time to the degree that he only needs to work 3 days a week to maintain this amazing lifestyle.

Listen to him speak Nick Cownie Interview (unlinked)

Nick has generously offered to teach and guide you through the exact same techniques he used to become the happy, wealthy and fulfilled person he is today.

Check it out at

Nick Cownie is an internationally acclaimed expert in the fields of mindset improvement, neurolinguistic programming, and personal development. He graduated from Sydney’s University of Technology with a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Traditional Chinese Medicine (B.HSc.TCM). Nick and his brother Andrew co founded the Success Dynamics Institute. As its Director, Nick’s specialty is in helping you get the right mindset from the outset so you can cut through the mental chatter and do what really matters in your life.

How to Overcome Self Sabotage: Liana Allison Interview

In this interview I had the pleasure of asking Liana Allison a Breakthrough Coach explain the different modalities she uses to guide her clients through seemingly difficult obstacles that stand between them and career success, happy relationships and limitless wealth.

Liana’s approach taps into the metaphysics of energy patterns or wealth wounds that reside in our subconscious. In essence we unwittingly repeat actions that do not serve us and consequently cause us to self sabotage our attempts at improving our personal and professional circumstances.

She explains how these wealth wounds may be a carry over from karmic patterning. “However, all is not lost as everything can be changed in this lifetime”, says Liana.

I leave it to you to take what you will from that previous statement; listen to my interview with Liana as she describes two real life examples (from coaching her personal clients) illustrating her point.

Liana Allison Interview Liana Allison Interview (unlinked)

She leads them through a process that firstly lets them recognize and then gives them the tools to break their repeating karmic patterns that had kept them stuck in a “holding pattern”.

If you feel have you have hit a ceiling in your earning capacity or cannot seem to shed the unwanted pounds, perhaps it is time to entertain alternative coaching methods. Who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Liana Allison is a Beyond Success Qualified Coach, a Master NLP Practioner and Trainer. She is experienced in Remedial Massage and Reiki and is a highly gifted Intuitive Counsellor who draws on Spiritual Teaching when helping her clients breakthrough their blockages.

Her acumen in business saw her holiday houseboat business in the South Australian Riverland area be the first in the world to receive Eco-tourism Accreditation.

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How To Ask For and Get A Payrise Using The Kiri Waiata Green Method: Kiri Waiata Green Interview

Kiri Waiata Green is not your conventional business and life coach. Professional qualifications aside this remarkable lady has a God given and unique gift to help her clients find their voice (literally).

If you are one of the silent majority who struggles to ask for a payrise or promotion and feel you have hit a glass ceiling (I’m talking to you ladies), perhaps it is time to consider alternative methods of approaching your boss for that pay increase and promotion.

So, in corporate speak you are requesting a review of your remuneration package such that it is commensurate with your current roles and responsibilities.

In reality you don’t feel you have the right to ask.

This problem of massive self doubt is one that Kiri regularly helps her clients banish and shatter using her novel and incredible program called “Breaking the Sound Barrier”.

Kiri Waiata Green Interview (unlinked)

Listen to my interview with Kiri as she explains the physics of using sound and vibrations generated at the molecular level to remove limiting self beliefs and emotional blockages to wealth creation.

Kiri is a Beyond Success Qualified Coach, a NLP Certified Practitioner (Success Dynamics Institute), holds a Diploma in Counselling (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors), and a Certificate IV in Small Business Management.

Find her at

Endometriosis and the Career Driven Women

Below is an article by Melissa Meyer of
Melissa has written a personal blog about endometriosis and her own research and discovery on healing.

I am sure most women can relate, so if you are interested in finding out more, drop by Melissa’s site for a read.

Endometriosis affects 1 in 7 women around the world and this number is sadly on a steady increase. The condition affects women of all ages and many women only discover they have the condition once they slow down and wish to conceive a child. It affects a woman’s fertility and this can be the very first obvious symptom.

Endometriosis is formed when retrograde cells are found within the uterus that grow and form adhesions. It is these cells that can cause damage to fallopian tubes and ovaries and thereby inhibit pregnancy.

As the condition is more prevalent in women in their late 20’s it is often associated as a “career women’s disease”.
Women who have endometriosis seem to possess personality traits which fall into strong, driven and perfectionism traits, which has created the link between the “career women’s disease” and endometriosis.

Though these traits appear on the surface to reflect a determined and confident personality, the driving force behind these traits needs to be carefully reassessed. Many women with endometriosis actually suffer from a constant need to be better than who they currently are.

They are driven to constantly improve who they are and be more than what they can be. Although this trait can be positive in certain individuals, too much of this drive can create unnecessary physical and emotional stress.

The motives for being more and driving oneself further often relate to a poor self-image or a need to be perfect. Endometriosis has been closely linked to a thought pattern referred to as “Timeous Perfectionism”.

Essentially the drive is to do a job perfectly and quickly at the same time. It is this constant pressure to perform and do more, in a shorter space of time at the highest standard that ultimately creates an incredible stress inside of the body. Endometriosis sufferers have been recognized to possess this thinking pattern and the connection between time and perfectionism is even more prevalent in certain job roles.

It is also this perfectionism that is unfulfilling and never ending. Achievements are not valued within themselves and they are constantly seeking more. They are often self critical and unrewarding towards their own achievements and seek approval from others.

It is important to acknowledge and accept these traits within oneself early so we can recognize them when we think and act on them and learn to slow down and recognize the emotion attached to the stress event. The more we can recognize our repeated traits, the easier our healing process will be.

Happiness begins when one can accept oneself and love oneself regardless of achievements. Acknowledgement for what one has achieved is also a very important step and would also provide additional self-esteem. We seldom give ourselves true reward for the things we have achieved in life.

It is only through acknowledgement and self love that true healing and happiness and really occur.

Anger Management 101

You Choose When & Where To Lose It (in 10 Easy Steps)

I am surveying the Band Aid strips I have on both knuckles as I am writing this. I am loathe to peel back the plaster because I know what I will see is still raw and bleeding.

“Why, how and what happened?” you may be asking (I hope you will anyway). But before getting to the bones of it let me flesh out the scene.

As women we get the message, usually subconsciously in the form of societal pressures that women do not get angry or upset. It is frowned upon, unacceptable and just not “lady like”.

But it is ok for women to cry. How many times have you been so angry and seething over something completely different and finally all it takes is for some idiot to cut you off in traffic or you pull into your driveway at the end of a long day and see the kids have again forgotten to put their tricycles away that tips you over the edge.

Your partner and kids know that “Mommy is upset”. Actually Mommy is angry and feeling like she could throttle someone right now but what the people around you see, is a woman who is about to cry.

Usually we end up at the crying stage because we do not have the confidence to assert ourselves. For example, we don’t feel we deserve raise or promotion even though we have worked our guts out on a project and are afraid to ask the boss lest they turn us down; we let lesser life forms (who may take on the guise of work colleagues or relatives) denigrate us and we have no snappy comeback when it happens.

In the end, it is about being angry at ourselves for not standing up for ourselves.

Well ladies, this type of cultural conditioning is bad for your health. So what am I suggesting you do?

1. Get some assertiveness training, but this is a whole new subject, so I will post that at a later time.

2. What I am about to describe is a strategy that can be applied immediately. If you are uncomfortable about doing this, be assured this is a good thing. When you step out of your comfort zone, you grow as a person. The person who continually grows gets to finish first in the marathon race (we call life) towards creating lasting wealth and their ideal lifestyle goals.

This principle revolves around getting physically angry with an inanimate object eg a punching bag, or a couple of lounge cushions or pillows stacked up and getting down and hitting them. Not just little taps like you would fluffing up the cushions in your lounge but seriously belting them.

Many of you would be familiar with doing some physical activity to deal with your anger, but what I am proposing is that you do this regularly (at least twice a week).

But you say, “I’m not going to punch a bag when I am not angry”.

And I say that’s exactly when you have to punch the bag. The logic is that rather than always be on the brink of spilling over (think of when the toothpaste tube getting squeezed in the middle caused an almighty argument in your household that was way out of proportion to the perceived offence!), you have cleared enough head room to always allow for these sorts of conflicts to occur without you completely losing it.

If you are wondering, the answer is yes. I schedule my anger sessions every Tuesday and Thursdays at 4 pm when I head over to the gym and almost destroy the punching bag.

It has become a habit and it is quite easy for me to bring to mind situations that require this sort of physical venting.

As a consequence, I have found that I can deal calmly with people or situations that otherwise could easily degenerate into a shouting match. Rather than being riled and defensive and consequently responding aggressively at what I perceive as them having a go at me, I mentally schedule that person for 4:15 pm at my gym session. This allows me to step outside myself and deal with it in an unemotional way to get the best outcome for both of us.

For the sake of this exercise I will assume you are in the privacy of your living room or garage ie some place where there is enough space to do the following:

Step 1. Get changed into some loose comfortable clothing

Step 2. Arrange your cushions in a stack on the floor

Step 3. Kneel on a folded towel in front of the stack

Step 4. Your torso should be at right angles to the floor. Now raise your right hand in a fist and bring it down at half strength on the cushion stack. The side of your fist should make contact (like when someone is thumping the dinner table). When you are doing this your upper body moves with your arm almost like you are bowing, but not in a groveling or subservient fashion

Step 5: Repeat with your left hand

Step 6: Do this for a minute alternating with your left and right fists to get warmed up and feel a sense of momentum in your actions. Rest for a minute

Step 7: Focus on an imaginary point on the cushion stack and get serious about using your fist. You may well hear a thump when you do this. That’s great because that is exactly what you want to hear

Step 8: As you get into the rhythm of hitting, make a “huh” sound with each punch and have that vocalization come from your gut and not your throat

Step 9: Bring to mind the event or person that really annoyed and irritated you. Picture yourself smashing that person or event, if you want to say what you have been thinking, by all means say it now. Shout it if that is what you want to do. Keep going until all that anger has dissipated.

If you find yourself starting to cry, stop. This is about getting the anger out; if you want to cry, go see a sad movie.

Step 10: Breathe deeply through you nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this a couple of times until you feel a sense of calm and peace. Bring to mind again that person or event, bless and release them.

So, coming back to the Band Aids on my knuckles. Well, I had forgotten to pack my boxing mitts when I was away on a training course and had been doing my normal scheduled anger work at the hotel I was staying. I was so absorbed and in the flow that I did not realize until the end of my session that I had left some skin on the bag. No biggie.

Yours in health, wealth and happiness