Beverly Flaxington: Self talk for a calmer you-Learn how to use positive self talk to control anxiety and live a happier more relaxed life

Let’s be honest about it, we all experience feelings of anxiety from time to time. It may be for a couple of seconds during the day or it may weigh heavily on our minds and souls imprisoning us in an invisible cage that sucks the joy out of our lives. Suffice to say it comes with the territory i.e., it’s a given that as long as we have a pulse, we are not immune to the odd stab of those feelings.

In an ideal world we would recognize what we are feeling and take the proactive steps of surrounding ourselves with supportive friends and have time to exercise, eat well etc. to counterbalance the pesky feelings of anxiety.

However, there are times when we feel that we are drowning under this massive wave of helplessness that undermines all that we consider as positives in our lives.

Beverly Flaxington Interview Part1 1 Oct 2013

Beverly Flaxington Interview Part 2 1 Oct 2013

Overwhelming anxiety can kill careers, relationships and businesses; chronic anxiety is debilitating. But it does not have to be this way as Beverly Flaxington author of “Self talk for a calmer you-Learn how to use positive self talk to control anxiety and live a happier more relaxed life” explains. Beverly states that “Anxiety can take control of your mind and body — if you let it. You have the power to turn negative situations into positive ones with your self”.

Beverly who is an award winning author and Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA), hypnotherapist, and career and business adviser discusses strategies to tame that anxiety and has shared her powerful action steps here.

Dina Proctor: Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went From Hell to Happy in Nine Minutes a Day

It is when we make time to be still will we meet the best version of ourselves; this version we long for is calm, happy, generous, compassionate, highly productive, wealthy and healthy.

Dina Proctor Interview Part1

Dina Proctor Interview Part2

Question: How do we then get to and stay in this state (of grace) when in the busy lives we lead we are continually bombarded with external stimuli, demands and deadlines coming at us from every angle leaving us no time to just be.

Answer: By meditating.

This is not a trite answer to some of your most pressing concerns; if you think I am suggesting you go sit under a tree and contemplate your navel or the meaning of life.

For Dina Proctor finding that inner core of peace that turned her life around isn’t hard work as she explains in her best-selling book “Madly Chasing Peace: How I Went From Hell to Happy in Nine Minutes a Day”. She went from hitting an emotional rock bottom through struggling with addictions, food issues and depression, to finding a consistent happiness by (get this) meditating for 3 minutes 3 times a day.

Surely, if you value your health, sanity and well being, adopting this practice is an investment in time that will be repaid a thousand fold.

Just do it!

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Lisa Page Interview:Women their relationship with themselves, partners and money

Women now more than ever are in the workforce building a career but still playing the traditional roles of wives/girlfriends/mothers. This can be a big responsibility that can leave them exhausted and spent.

If you want more money, work on having happy personal relationships and most importantly be comfortable in your own skin. Believe me, they are interrelated.

Lisa Page founder of Soul Satisfaction for Women states that consciously practicing correct breathing techniques are key to what you yearn for in life.

Lisa Page 14 Aug2012 Interview Part1

LIsa Page 14Aug2012 Interview Part2

In this interview she elaborates on her powerful technique called Breathe Baby Breathe that is pivotal to helping her clients regain that sense of being centered and less stressed. Follow this link to get more information

It is from this basis that her clients build better relationships, have more money in the bank and become happier humans.

Lisa has generously made available a BIG and USEFUL freebie eBook that you can get by following the link below:

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Rod Schofield Interview on ADHD: Coping with and managing your difficult child

In all honesty, it is a juggling act being wife, mother and the “so with it” career executive or businesswoman.

Some days I feel like looking up the person who coined the term Superwoman and putting that myth where the sun don’t shine.

Assuming this role and raising a family of kids is still a challenge regardless of what anyone says.

So what if your child is considered by doctors to be ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder); how do you cope?

Your chosen career still demands that you will put in some serious hours.

But if your home life is in disarray the probability that you are devoting 100 % of your attention to fast forwarding your career is unlikely. It will be frustrating and will dissipate your energy leaving you feeling flat and a wee bit disappointed.

Perhaps there is the unspoken sense of guilt, failure and shame.

I suggest you stop beating yourself up and get a different perspective and with it some well needed encouragement on this subject.

Rod Schofield Interview

My interview guest Rod Schofield whose coaching business is called “Transform your difficult child” is well placed to discuss this topic.

Rod walks his talk because he found himself exactly in that situation when his youngest of 4 kids (Stephen) was diagnosed with ADHD

He shares his insights and equally importantly his means for managing his own energy levels which he recognizes that is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with all his children, wife and growing his business.

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Three tips for maintaining your equanimity at work

Maintaining your equanimity, composure and internal sense of balance is a skill than anyone can develop.

I call it a secret weapon of the successful who seem to be able to navigate their way through an office environment that is studded with booby traps and minefields cunningly disguised as work colleagues; from the hypochondriac who painstakingly documents and broadcasts their every ache and pain (and bodily functions) to the angst ridden determined to share their life story and every other possible combination in between.

Our external world mirrors what goes on for us at the subconscious level. We attract into our immediate environment people and situations that remind us of what we focus on most within ourselves.

Ask yourself as you are reading this, what has been ticking over in your mind today. Was it a pleasant and happy conversation or encounter with another person, or was it you wishing you had the last word in an argument. Our best comeback lines are usually after the fact, sad but true.

Do you also notice that the same incident plays on high rotation in a loop fashion in your head, much like background muzak in a restaurant? It is just barely noticeable but it is there, insidious isn’t it.

So, the three circuit breaker tips I suggest are:

1)    Check in on yourself

By that I mean, pause regularly during your work day and breathe; yes literally notice yourself breathing in and then gently exhaling. This is designed to slow down brain activity for 20 seconds, long enough for you to pay attention to your body instead of rushing headlong to meeting external deadlines.

This 20 seconds can be the difference between having a productive day or having a tense exchange with a co worker.

2)    Eat your lunch away from your desk or work station

Being the office burning martyr will not get you a medal; removing yourself physically from your desk even if lunch is 20 minutes allows your brain to recalibrate.

Great for problem solving because it gives you time to mull over the facts (as you chew your food) without consciously thinking about coming up with a solution.

3)   Remind yourself of what is important in your life

Keep a motivational quote on a 3 x 5 card by your computer as a reminder that you have a choice about how you are going to feel today; you choose how you wish to respond to your present circumstances.

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