Dr John DeMartini Interview: Living Your Inspired Destiny

Dr John DeMartini can only be described as a person who chooses to see the upside of events and situations that would otherwise crush the spirit of a less aware and enlightened soul. He considers the early childhood physical and learning disabilities as gifts and opportunities to design the life he has now.

At age 7 his first grade teacher pronounced him dyslexic and suggested to John’s parents that he play sport as academic achievements was out of the realm of possibility. Thankfully her prediction was incorrect as today John DeMartini is a highly influential speaker, author, coach and master in the study of human potential.

His latest book “Inspired Destiny-Living a Fulfilling and Purposeful Life” is aimed at people who have yet to find their purpose and direction in life. “We all have a teen or early twenty year old still in us who has a passion and purpose to live and fulfill”, says John.

What I found most encouraging in this interview was his firm belief that we can pursue our passion and be well paid for it.

And here’s the clincher we all know what we would really love to do; as John explains, “We just have unfounded and unjustified fears (of failure and rejection) that can be overcome using the DeMartini method as set out in the book”.

John DeMartini Audio Part1 and John DeMartini Audio Part2

This is a man with a vision, an astronomical vision of leaving this world a much better place than when he found it. John’s passion for positively affecting every person who has crossed his path makes the enormity of his vision an achievable certainty, this I truly believe.

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Natalie Ledwell Interview: The Power of Creative Visualization

Natalie Ledwell is a living breathing example that a girl from the small country town of Orange, New South Wales Australia together with a couple of business partners can manifest a $1 million product launch from one simple business idea.

Natalie’s not so secret weapon was “Mind Movies”, a clever piece of software that lets her create and personalize her own dynamic vision board complete with music, affirmations and pictures as the way to realize her goals.

Natalie Ledwell Interview You can download the mp3 recording and pdf transcript of this interview by going to http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/online-store/

It was by repeatedly watching her Mind Movie that got Natalie to drop a couple of dress sizes in quick time, and propel her business to one with a multi million dollar turnover, just to name a few of her many goals reached!

In this exclusive interview with Natalie, she dispels the misconceptions about the Law of Attraction and generously shares her personal experiences of how this principle really works.

“If you have a burning passion and desire, and want to help others, situations and circumstances present themselves that will get you to your goals”, says Natalie and “if possible, avoid negative people who don’t understand your aspirations”.

Well, I certainly agree with Natalie on all points.

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Natalie is a businesswoman from in Sydney Australia and is based in San Diego CA. She is the Creative Content Director and Founder of Mind Movies LLC. As a motivational speaker, she has shared the stage with luminaries in the personal development field such as Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale and John Assaraf.

Robert Jordan Interview: Six Success Tips for Aspiring Billionaires (How They Did It)

If you are like me, you too will wonder about what sets these seemingly ordinary people apart from the rest in terms of their capacity to recognize and identify a need, develop a service or a widget that addresses that need and then go on realize their goal of turning their ideas into millions of dollars.

I asked Robert Jordan who has compiled interviews with 45 billionaire entrepreneurs and published his book telling us how they did it. Below are six indispensable tips that helped them succeed.

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Robert Jordan is an entrepreneur and author who has made it his mission to discover the “secret sauce” used by self made billionaires to launch themselves from growing an idea into $100 million dollar companies or if it suits, taking their pride and joy public to the tune of $300 million or more.

Robert’s entrée into their world is paved by his own success when he launched and grew his startup company, Online Access, the first Internet-coverage magazine that made it on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies.

As is quintessential a characteristic of all serial entrepreneurs, he then sold his highly profitable Online Access and proceeded to start up a couple more companies, RedFlash, a project implementation team, and interimCEOinterimCFO, a worldwide network of interim, contract, and project executives.

Robert’s gift for getting consensus saw 21 of the eventual 45 founders agreeing to meet and freely share their insights, occasional pain and billion dollar experiences.

Their collective wisdom has been distilled into his latest book, How they did it: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America.

He freely admits this book was a labor of love, driven by an insatiable curiosity to know the minds and passions of this select group of diverse individuals.

All aspiring entrepreneurs who believe they are billionaires in the making will do well to heed the advice of the 45 who have gone before them. Here are just six tips to steer you to success:

1. Do not be afraid to fail; if and when you do, make sure you fail fast.
2. Do not be precious about your idea, be willing to tweak it
3. Leave your ego at the door; be astute enough to hire people smarter than you
4. However, make sure they are nice not just smart.
5. Honestly is still the best policy, so be on the level when communicating with the people who work for you because no one becomes a billionaire on their own.
6. Believe in the goodness of your angel investors but have Plans B, C and D just in case they decide to bail
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Female Friendly Investment Strategies: Debbie Williams Property Diva

The age old debate as to whether the stock market or investing in property returns the better yield is better answered by asking the personal question: What is your individual appetite for risk?

Women are generally perceived to be more conservative in their investment strategies and there is an element of truth in this observation.

The emergence of a generation of single women in full time employment, and their new found financial freedom and independence means that investment decisions are now wholly and solely within their sphere of control.

Unlike their male counterparts they have only just become aware that they are now in the position to invest and with that plan for a very comfortable self funded retirement.

Faced with an often confusing number of choices, the only way to know if the property or the share market suits you is to be actively involved.
Do not let fear of making a mistake stop you from taking action, because that is the only way you will learn, grasshopper.

So, let me introduce you to Debbie Williams.

If her story does not inspire you to do something for yourself, then we are all doomed!

Click here Interview with Debbie Williams (unlinked)

Debbie Williams’ amazing trajectory to becoming a millionaire property investor began not as a person with a truckload of cash but as a 15 year old homeless youth.

From being a self-confessed dissatisfied person, Debbie found that her knack for property investing dramatically improved her self-esteem and lifestyle. The momentum from her first renovation that netted $30, 000 has seen her recently create a cool $1 million in equity in 12 months.

The experience of being disenfranchised and dispossessed became the impetus for Debbie to carve out a better future for herself. Today she helps local homeless people with their accommodation needs.

Her advice includes, “Be comfortable with being uncomfortable”. She talks about feeling the fear but taking action. “Attending property investment courses are only half of the equation, implementing the steps learned has made all the difference in my life”.

She is living proof that even in this current economic climate of gloom and doom, there are profits to be made. “It is all in how you look at it”, she states. “Your attitude is very important, and surround yourself with a good team of people”. “Finally, celebrate your wins, no matter how small they seem at the time”.

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What Does It Mean To Be Wealthy

With respect to the above, I am reminded of a television advert some years ago aimed at selling a well loved Australian brand of chocolate biscuits. These were not just any choc biscuits, they were Tim Tams! They were made with a choc filling and each biscuits was then dipped and coated in more chocolate. You get the picture.

Anyway, the scene is set where a young man strolling on a beach on a hot summers day finds a bottle on the beach. When he unscrews the cap, a genie pops out and offers him his one wish. He says to the genie, “I want to be cool and I want to be rich”. So, the genie obliges by turning him into a packet of Tim Tams and sticks that in the fridge.
The advert finishes with a couple of attractive girls opening the fridge and are pleased to find the nice cool and rich Tim Tams as their afternoon snack. Win, win I think.

The point of this story is to draw your attention to the fact that if you cannot succinctly define what it means to be wealthy you may find it a bit of a struggle to become wealthy.

I have expanded on what I mean here: What does it mean to be wealthy Lorwai TAN recording

In essence there are two aspects to consider; firstly the tangible or material wealth. Secondly, and equally important is the intangible, and it encompasses qualities such as good health, happy and fulfilling relationships with most importantly being at peace with yourself.

The dictionary defines (material) wealth as “an abundance of valuable material possessions or resources”. These resources allow you to be financially free which means you are able to live a lifestyle of your desire without having to work or rely on someone else.

To determine if you have an abundance of valuable material possessions, follow this simple exercise. Take a piece of blank paper and draw a line down the middle. Heading one column, write “assets” and the other “liabilities”. This is the quickest way to determine your nett worth. It is basically what you own (free hold) minus what you owe ie how much of that is tied to loan repayments (debt). Hopefully you come out with a positive (in the black) rather than a negative (in the red) number.

So the name of the game is to increase your nett worth. And surprisingly one of the habits you want to cultivate is that of being able to receive with thanks and gratitude the good that comes your way. This may include the odd compliment! Learn to be an excellent receiver and do not deflect or downplay its value.

Remember the Universe is there to do your bidding so if you want material gain, don’t keep turning down the good things that come your way. The Universe will do as instructed!


Success: Plain Hard Work or Just Lucky

Do you marvel at how some people seem to have all the luck, a Midas touch where everything that they attempt is a success on the first pass?

We are dazzled and mesmerized by the apparent ease with which they achieve what they set their minds to do, and right before our very eyes it all seems to happen.

As for the topic of this article, I ask if perhaps there may be a combination of both involved?

Just to illustrate, in Max Gunther’s book How to Get Lucky, he listed some of the characteristics and behaviors that “lucky” people have. Here are 5 of them that anyone can use to get lucky!

1. They prepare and plan

It is just that we do not see the thinking, planning, that operates quietly in the background.

2. They take calculated risks

This means researching and weighing up of their options, and seeking advice from someone who has done and succeeded at what they want to achieve and then taking action.

3. They put themselves in situations where they meet people

Where there are lots of people, there are the seeds and kernels of opportunity. But remember to engage these people and let them know who you are and what you can do for them. If this sounds like networking, it is.

4. They know when to cut their losses

There is nothing sadder than wishing that a bad investment decision will do a Lazarus and rise from the dead. If it is bleeding your cash reserves dry, off load it. Learn from the experience and move on.

5. They have a belief in a Higher Power

I interpret this one as having a sense of destiny and a belief that by being financially successful, they can make a positive contribution in the lives of others.

Now, substitute the word “they” for “I” and step up to the plate.

Yours in health, wealth and happiness

Book Review-7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness

A timeless classic by Jim Rohn a motivator extraordinaire, that is written in an easy reading style for anyone who has had enough of being average (read beige) and wants a better life.

This includes health, material success and most importantly a deeply satisfying sense of contentment.

Click here to listen Book Review-7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness
or read on

Jim Rohn’s own journey started when at the age of 25 he met his mentor Earl Schoaff who asked him the uncomfortable question of where his life was headed.

To his credit, Rohn replied with an honest “No where” and that was the start of the years of learning everything he could from his mentor.

He has distilled his years of experience into the seven strategies of goal setting, being a sponge and soaking it up, having the determination to change and forming new habits, staying on top of your spending, making time a priority, seeking out like minded associates and learning the art of living well.

These strategies if faithfully applied are your keys to a magnificent life.

The Secret of Success

The secret is that there is no secret.

Click here to listen to the full 60 minutes Audio of Secret of Success on my program \”Your Money and Your Mindset\”

Below is the synopsis if you can’t wait!

It is a series of sequential steps that anyone can take if they so choose and success will almost be guaranteed.

Step1: write down your goals on a piece of paper. Just thinking about it means that what you desire is still an intangible concept.

The magic starts when your goals take on a physical form.

Use the SMART method as a guide to help you (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timeframe)

Step 2: start moving-literally get off from where you are sitting and start doing (this constitutes activity).

The good thing is that motion will quickly tell you if you are heading in the right direction towards your goals or not.

It is essentially a feedback mechanism that indicates to you in no uncertain terms if you are on the right track.

Step 3: know that there is an art to setting goals. The most efficient way is to divide them into four sections and I have listed some examples in each category i) physical (losing weight or getting fit); ii) mental (attending professional development courses to improve your career prospects); iii) emotional (making time to regularly spend with people who are important in your life) and iv) spiritual (communing with Nature and getting in touch with you, the real person).

Step 4: create a vision board or goal book where on one page you have images and pictures of your goals and on the facing page, write in the present tense what achieving this goal looks, feels, smells and tastes like. Always have a start and finish date, and a reward for when you reach that goal.

Investing the emotional energy into this activity engages your subconscious into putting you in the right spot (sometimes literally) for the opportunities as they present themselves to you.

And here is the real bonus, as you go about on a daily basis achieving small victories in regard to the steps you take towards achieving your goals, you discover your life purpose.

This is the person you were always meant to be.

Yours in health, wealth and happiness

Financial Freedom Mindset and You: Aspire and Emulate

If you want (aspire) to be wealthy, then copy (emulate) what wealthy people do, say, think and observe how they behave.
If you think this is a drag, then continue as you are and do not be surprised that your circumstances and bank balance remain the same.

One characteristic of successful people is that they have acquired a reading habit.

Success doesn’t leave cryptic clues but blatant and obvious signs. Case in point: I once heard a multi millionaire marketer say that “Leaders are Readers”.

Hey, when they offer free advice, take it.

This weekend head off to your community library and borrow a book.

Not just any book but take yourself to the biography section and load up on the stories of people (dead or alive) who have made, and in some cases lost and regained their fortunes. It is hard to go past the biographies of Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and Richard Branson.

Just to round out your education, pick biographies of people who are leaders in the very tangible sense of the word such as Gen Colin Powell. He of the Operation Desert Storm fame tells of his humble beginnings and how he rose to the top as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. My interpretation of his message is that if he can, anyone is able to do the same.

Or people who did not give up after what the average person would call having given it a red hot go and then still falling short of the mark. President Abraham Lincoln is the character who comes to mind (I won’t spoil it for you but the teaser is that he failed more than a couple of times to get elected to public office).

The other option is even more fun-approach a successful person (read millionaire) in the same field or business as yours and invite them to lunch or dinner (and pay for the meal!).
This may be a bit daunting for you but it is exactly what I did. I figured that if I extended the invitation and got a flat “No”, it’s not going to kill me-tomorrow the sun will still rise and set.

I took this millionaire couple to dinner, and had a first hand opportunity to ask them questions about their approach and outlook to running their business. The information I got was priceless.
And you know what, they are just normal and nice people like you and me.

Yours in health, wealth and happiness

What Are Your Daily Success Rituals

Some of mine are:

1) Looking at mirror every morning and saying aloud, “Today I am grateful for”:

the roof over my head, or
my family, or
being fortunate that I can afford a hot breakfast etc”

(Spend a minute thinking about the blessings in your life. It could be as simple as being able to walk and talk, feed and dress yourself)

2) Getting to my office and catching sight of my mission statement as I turn on my Mac and spending a minute thinking about what it means to me

3) Greeting colleagues with a bright smile and a “Good morning”

4) Answering the phone clearly with “Hello, Lorwai speaking”

5) Giving the person I am talking to whether over the phone or face to face my full attention (no wandering gazes or checking of emails as I am speaking to them).

So why be so fussy about these things?

It sends messages to your subconscious that you are a valuable and worthwhile person.
Therefore when you feel good about yourself, you tend to adopt a spirit and outlook of abundance.
When things are in abundant supply, we as generous beings want to share with others.

Get where I am going with this?

You are setting up a virtuous cycle where you giving freely to others, gets them to also give because you have made them feel good.

When you put out positive and uplifting vibes, you attract people with a similar outlook into your life. Our beliefs are reflected back to us, so if you think everyone is out to get you, guess what.
Similarly, if your belief is that the people you encounter are nice and considerate (because that is how you see yourself), it is exactly what you will consistently come across.

Whatever you focus on GROWS. (I’ll give you a moment to think about this)

No one becomes successful in isolation. It happens because there is mutual benefit to be derived by all parties and this is not necessarily in the form of dollars and cents (that is the nice bonus!).

If we agree that is the case, why not enjoy the company of the people around us on our journey to success.

Yours in health, wealth and happiness