Sue and Steve Soucy Interview: The “Social Media Attractionaire” Experts

It is always nice to talk to people who generously share their knowledge and honestly state that becoming successful is a work in progress.

Sue and Steve Soucy Interview You can download the mp3 recording and pdf transcript of this interview by going to

Not only that, Sue and Steve Soucy have documented their journey to wealth and financial independence in a very public way that let’s the rest of us see real people launching real internet based businesses on line, and doing very well, thank you.

This is a couple who believes that by focusing and being clear on what they want and practicing what they preach, they can manifest their goals-Law of Attraction, anyone?

Yes, Sue and Steve stepped out of their comfort zone and in front of a camera and posted their wealth creation journey in real time on FaceBook, Youtube and Twitter. Now that is a bold move if you ask me.

However, do you not feel privileged to witness two seemingly “regular” people having fun along the way in their quest for financial freedom?

Does it not challenge the stereotype that rich people have no sense of humour or are unapproachable?

I sincerely hope that when you listen to this interview, you one day can picture yourself in a similar position.

Do me a favour and drop me an email saying that day you started to believe in yourself and that it made a world of difference to the quality of your life.

Sue and Steve Soucy Teach Passionate Entrepreneurs Worldwide How to Make Their Lives Better with the Law of Attraction, Videos and Social Media.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

On meeting another person for the first time, we are judged (fairly or otherwise) by our appearances and then when we open our mouths.

When you think of ducking down to the local 7Eleven for milk and the newspapers on a lazy Sunday morning, the dress code is informal-think jeans, sneakers and a sweater.

In an amusing account by an Australian woman living in France with her French beau, she described the horrified look on his face, when she was about to step out to the boulangerie for breakfast provisions (dressed in a casual manner).

French women would not dream of going to the shops sooo unprepared to face the world. Oh no, they present themselves in their best possible light and ladies that means make up and co-ordinated fashion and accessories, at the minimum.

If you work on the principle that any and everyone you meet is a prospect and potential client, ask yourself how you want them to see you?

I will pre-empt you by saying that the previous statement does not imply that you are going out there with an ulterior motive of taking financial advantage of the unsuspecting. This is hardly the case.

As an illustration, if you are tired, grumpy in the grocery store check out queue, you may be forgiven for being a bit short with the young person packing your groceries.

However, that young person’s parents may also require your services or business should you meet them socially at a barbeque, for instance.

Imagine your surprise when you enter their home to find that young check out person lives there.

There can be a couple of scenarios here,

i) there is awkward silence when you recall how you spoke to that person at the store or

ii) absolute delight that he/she remembers you as the nice person who took the time to have a little chat with them as they were scanning your box of Cheerios.

So this is what I usually do: 1) smile and make eye contact, 2) comment on how busy or quiet things are in the store, 3) engage them in a conversation, usually around the fact that they are earning whilst studying at university or college, and 4) say bye bye.

Now, that wasn’t so hard and it certainly made me feel better. Try it.

Yours in health, wealth and happiness